Airfix 1/72 Shooting Star - Korean War

Airfix 1/72 Shooting Star – Korean War

After reading a good book on a subject, I invariably get the itchy modelling fingers. So it was with the Korean War book from Max Hastings. I therefore bought an in period model kit to make. As it happened it was a „model I missed as a child“, aka the Airfix Shooting Star (re-released in the Vintage Kit series for old nostalgic fogies like me to buy). As a kid I was still very much a „WWII Spitfire Propeller2 aficionado. I thought jets were a bit like cheating and not as interesting as the „piston-engine“ planes (see below, I did not quite understand jets, I thought they were flying vacuum cleaners):  

A bucket-list project for the winter months. This also means I will be on the lookout for Airfix re-releasing their Mig-15.

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