Airfix DH4

Lovely Box Art!
The other option for some WW1 model building, assuming there’s some interest in more games at the club after tomorrows multiplayer dogfighting shindig, is to make four Airfix DH4 light bombers. The parts for these are all undercoated and have been sitting in the loft for years, waiting for a rainy day, which is apt as it’s chucking down outside and will probably do so for the foreseeable future. They are one of the better Airfix WW1 kits, with a good level of detail, bar and slot strut assembly and some decent crew figures, although I’ll be replacing the Lewis guns with some metal ones from Aeroclub, of which I have a OOP stash. 
I have a stash of these in the loft.

The only downside of building these is that they are a bit boring to paint, being overall GW Catachan Green, or whatever the equivalent is these days, with only the front section in light grey to break up the monotone effect. Still, there’s no funky camouflage to paint, so that’s a bit of a bonus. The scenario in which they’d be deployed is a bombing mission, funnily enough, based on an early 1917 one we played years ago with Sopwith One and a Half Stutters escorted by Pups, although this time round the escort would be SE5a’s or nothing at all. I’ll ask the chaps tomorrow if they would like another game, then see if the DH4’s tick the box?

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