Airfix Lee/Grant scrapped together from a Donation and bits from the Scrap Box.

Airfix Lee/Grant scrapped together from a Donation and bits from the Scrap Box.

The different coloured pieces of plastic tells the sorry tale in itself. This „baby“ Grant Tank on the right comes from multiple parents .. at least one brown/orange, one yellow and one green Airfix Lee/Grant kit (plus some hobby store plastic-card, a curved front from what I think was a M36 Jackson, „Sherman(?)“ rollers and a PSC storage box to cover a bodged hull to chassis seam). A Frankenstein of sorts or patchwork quilt, but rather than a discard it has a new least of life and I loved the edge of your seat challenge in making it (see below, in its front facing Grant guise):  

The rear shot shows the white plastic-card surfaces where the composite spare parts-did not quite stretch or cover enough (see below, though it has to be said working with „old brittle plastic“ from the 1970’s or 1980’s is a curse as it had a tendency to crumble or splinter under pressure – this was a peculiar challenge for me as I had to first disassemble the previous attempt at building it [basically a carcass] and reassemble it [from a haphazard trapezoid to a more regular rectangular cross section]): 

The Lee part of the tale is just a turret swap with a newly completed Lee turret (see below, this was taken from the „original“ orange/brown plastic kit – where the majority of „kit“ came from- again care being taken with its brittleness): 

The final note is that the track came from the „spare“ more detailed option in the new Airfix Sherman Firefly kit I have already made. There you go, I have one more tank to fight the Axis with. It just shows the usefulness of a spares box.  

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