AK47 Cavalry

I won these on eBay before the holidays and have now unpacked them for a proper look over. I have never used cavalry in AK47 so thought it would be an interesting addition to my third, as yet unpainted army. This uses Peter Pig professional bush hat figures as Regulars, with the Professionals using bareheaded figures and the Militia forage caps, although I have re-invented the background story for this army several times (the ‚hat trick‘ makes it easy to distinguish between the units).


It is originally designed as a Superpower Backed army equipped by the British, so uses a lot of 1960’s kit including Saracens, Saladins, Ferrets, Landrovers and even a couple of Vickers MBT’s, although some of the AFV’s and trucks have been siphoned off for my Britain’s Small Wars project. I now have some cavalry to add to what will have to be a Colonial Settler army. I will have to think hard about how they will change the balance of the force and if they will operate mounted or dismounted when they go into action.

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