<div>Almansa 1707 - Spanish Cordova's Cavalry Brigade 2mm</div>

Almansa 1707 – Spanish Cordova’s Cavalry Brigade 2mm


More 2mm goodies!!!

This time round we have another Spanish Brigade.
As you can see from the map above, squared in blue we have Cordoba’s brigade.

Who fought in the 1st Line of the left wing under General d’Avary
The flags are once again from my collection of Nine Years War Spanish Horse, so are not 100% correct.

Three Squadrons of  Rosellon – Viejo 

Three squadrons of the Blasco regt

And four squadrons of the Sevilla regt
All figures are from the great Irregular miniatures 2mm collection and are based on 30 x 30 bases from Warbases.

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