Alternate Stars 28mm Sci-fi range two more Star Rangers released

Alternate Stars 28mm Sci-fi range two more Star Rangers released

“The Star Rangers are the foremost peace keeping soldiers of the fading Galactic Union. Equally at home on patrol or on bug hunts as well as pacification of ultra population centres the Rangers have millions in their ranks. Mainly Human though not exclusively so their headquarters on Earth oversees a hundred thousand deployments…”

We welcome two more Star Ranger miniatures to the growing generic Alternate Stars range.  These bring the total to six poses and are great for any game system.  Go HERE.  

Winter Mega Event new releases No1!

Winter Mega Event 2023 is on until 6th December.  20% off all orders auto at checkout plus free new miniature as well as 80 new codes and a hundred deals and offers.  See our BLOG for the entire event and all details.  Not to be missed!

AS019 Star Range firing Carbine.  Multiple part metal miniature.

AS021 Star Range with Laser Rifle.  Multiple part metal miniature.

Here you can see how the Star Rangers line up next to the mighty AS016 War Bot (which works in any scale including 6mm) and the friendly AS023 Info Bot which is free in all orders placed and shipped automatically until 17th November 2023.

Ganesha Games 28mm Science Fiction

The Ganesha Games range contains some really lovely miniatures such as Space Apes, Psi Knights, Com Bots and characters. Check them out.  All as packs and singles in the packs plus value bundles with savings. Go HERE.

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