Alternative Armies sponsors Bakewell DBA Tournament October 2018

It is my pleasure to announce that we are sponsoring the Bakewell (UK) DBA Tournament 2018.  Through Simon Wilson we have provided prizes for attending wargamers who place high in the competition.  Here are the details of the event:
The tournament will be held on Saturday 20 October at 10.00am in the Medway Centre, Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK.  The format is matched pairs – people bring along a pair of historically matched armies.  There is an incentive to bring along a balanced pair as your opponent will normally get first choice when your pair of armies is being used.  Players will need to confirm attendance with Simon Wilson before the event.  There is a Fanaticus Board where you can read more and also sign up to attend as places are still available but please act now as space is limited (by asking Simon on that board).  There is also a DBA Yahoo Group.  The photo in this article is of a DBA event which Simon ran in June at the same venue which was well attended.
MR2 Burgundian 15th century Handgunner
Our sponsorship consists of packs of infantry, cavalry and artillery pieces and crew from the 15th century part of the Altuos range of 15mm Renaissance miniatures.  Have a look at the wide array of miniatures in this range as well as out Medus Medieval Range and our Isarus Dark Age range all of which are great for forming your elements in DBA and DBM and well as other systems.
Best of fortune to all who take part on the day from the team at Alternative Armies.

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