An English Army Arrayed (Mid to Late-15th C.)

“This knight…brought with him…men who had been hardened in certain civil wars which had raged in their country. They were huge feeders, and deep carousers…often unruly and noisy in their wassail. Though from a remote and somewhat barbarous island, they yet believed themselves to be the most perfect of men on earth.”

Just a group photo of the Perry figures recently completed. These are the contents of 3 boxes of Infantry and a box each of Foot Knights, Light Cavalry and Mounted Men at Arms. Also, a metal cannon and Yorkist foot command included as a freebie with the 3 boxes of Infantry „Army Deal.“

Some close ups of the troops by type.

Foot Knights with the metal Yorkist Foot Command on the two center stands.
Mounted Men at Arms
Infantry with pole arms
Light Cavalry
Metal cannon and crew

Coincidentally, a book I won off of ebay arrived from England today.

Someday, I will need playtest the First St Albans and Bosworth scenarios. However, after „counting the fighting men,“ so to speak, it appears a couple of more boxes of foot should be added. Best wishes to you all!

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