An Unexpected Army Pt 3

An Unexpected Army Pt 3

A couple of evening painting sessions over the Easter weekend got the last of the Thistle & Rose hobbits done.

These spear armed hobbits in their traveling or hunting cloaks seem to me like a rising out or militia. So they will be offensive light foot with short range missiles (rocks).

I’ve given them my Games Workshop Merry figure as a captain, and he’ll probably be the warband commander too.

The angry villagers are much more of a levy en mass. So basic light infantry with short range missiles (rocks!). I thought maybe bellicose foot, but I don’t see them charging hard like that. And angry hobbits are not a push over, so 1 point rabble doesn’t seem right to me. Rabble to me are unenthused, conscripted peasants or goblins.

And goblins trampling through the vegetable patch are going to make the hobbits very angry indeed. 

With both units I based them on 40mm x 40mm bases in order to protect the very fine weapons. Single basing would just see a lot of spears snapped off.

Finally,  the Sam and Frodo in Ithilien vignette. Frodo is sleeping by the fire while Sam prepares a couple of rabbits. 

This will be a deployment point or objective marker.

This brings my Shire army to 20 points! I could easily add in some Rangers or Elves to boost them up until I get the Airfix figures done.

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