And… breathe…

 Ok. The dust has settled enough on Real Life that I have managed:

  • to help run a game at Salute
  • to make it back to club regularly
  • to help get the show set up for Sep 3rd
  • to have a very nice and, actually, very motivating chat with someone I really ought to know better than I do… which you may get to hear in a bit 😀
  • to actually think about picking up on various wargaming projects (Compendium? schmompendium :D).
More of all the above on subsequent posts.
In short summary of the non-wargaming bits of life: Dad has been out of hospital since mid-February, and Mum sadly passed away (peacefully and painlessly) around the start of March. The dust has, as I said, pretty much settled on all of that. Mum’s estate and (pretty uncomplicated) will is in the hands of her very good solicitors and we’re waiting on the granting of probate to wrap that up. Dad is doing fine, and pretty much back to walking again after 6 weeks spent flat on his back, and we’re visiting most weeks to make sure he hasn’t driven his carers mad. 😀 And I’m about caught up on the backlog of things I should have been doing in Jan and Feb outside of wargaming! (Guess who switched to a nice well-paying contract job on Jan 1, and thus wasn’t getting paid for days he didn’t work!)
Anyway. All is much improved. Watch this space for more wargaming updates.

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