Anglo Danish Command Bases

Anglo Danish Command Bases

The painting done thus far for 2022-2023 The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge thus far has been dominated by my Thematic Byzantine army. I have punctuated these posts with Arthurian Welsh, Almoravid/Almohad/Andalusian Command Base and Anglo Danish Command Bases as seen below. Apologies for the lack of a link for the Spanish 11th CE stuff.
The change in project and indeed tempo is very welcome after feverishly working away at large Byzantine units every night of the week, often up until silly hours. As well as the change in pace I think the change has been a good distraction and has allowed for me to then push a little harder with the main project, that of the Thematic/Tagmatic 10th Century Byzantine army. There are probably two large posts due soon- all dependent on the weather for varnishing, but, until then I leave you with the Anglo Danish Command Bases which have been added to my army. Each 24 man unit now has a vignette style command stand.
All the images are „clickable“ should you wish to enlarge them
Command Base 1:

Command Base 2:

Command Base 3:

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