Anglo Danish Huscarls and Fyrd

Anglo Danish Huscarls and Fyrd

Over the past year, every now and again I’ve been rebasing my Anglo Danes hoping to build up enough of a head of steam to get me painting the odd unit for this army again. As well as there being a number of different manufacturers they have been painted at various times, a few here a few there, over the last twenty years! Therefore the style of some of the painting might look different from one miniature to the next. It is about time I got the damn army completed so I have dropped the Nineteenth Century stuff for now and I’m going to fit in the odd unit of Anglo Danes . My Normans have got to have someone to fight inhouse! The manufacturers include, Gripping Beast- both out of production and not, Footsore Miniatures and Saxon Miniatures (now sold by Warlord Games).
I have another unit ready to add the texture to the sand/grit and the beginnings on yet another. The former needs a couple of miniatures painted up as well as a small 40mm diameter Command Base and a semi circle Shieldwall Marker, which I will have to do for this unit too. All the units of Huscarls/Fyrd will have Command and Shieldwall Markers along with their Norse allies. More on the Norse in another post.

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