Another Box of Perry WotR Foot Knights Painted

Finished painting these guys after taking a break in between painting their armor and their surcoats. Wanting coats of arms for both First St Albans and Bosworth didn’t help as the two battles are decades apart. Ended up compromising by having a few from both battles, as well as generic Yorkist and Lancaster colors. This additional box allows for 7 more units of Foot Men at Arms with 6-figures each for Lion Rampant. Quite an economical way to add reinforcements.

The Earl of Oxford’s blue board standard, as well as the Duke of Buckinghams‘ white swan standard, were both downloaded from the internet after Googling „Earl of Oxford standard.“

The Earl of Oxford was not present at First St Albans, but was a respected commander in other battles, most notably commanding Henry Tudor’s forces at Bosworth.

The guy to the Earl’s right is Rhys ap Thomas, a distinguished Welsh soldier who also fought for Henry Tudor at Bosworth.
At the Battle of Barnet, the Earl’s stars were supposedly mistaken for Edward IV’s Sun in Splendor badge by Lord Montagu – leading to the Lancastrian’s defeat.

Next up are the Earl of Northumberland (left) and the Duke of Norfolk (right), with men at arms wearing the livery of Lord Ferrers (red and white) and Lord Fitzwalter (blue). The 2nd Earl of Northumberland was killed at First St Albans supporting King Henry VI. The 4th Earl of Northumberland infamously failed to support Richard III at Bosworth. The Duke of Norfolk led Richard III’s vanguard at Bosworth, where he was killed in action. John Radcliffe, Lord Fitzwalter, was killed fighting for the Yorkists at the Battle of Ferrybridge. The 7th Baron of Ferrers died at Bosworth fighting for Richard III.

The white swan standard of Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham is next. He participated in Henry V’s campaign in France during the Hundred Years War. At St Albans he negotiated with the Earl of Warwick on behalf of King Henry VI. Although wounded at First St Albans, he survived and later fought and died at the Battle of Northampton, still loyal to King Henry VI.

Finally, here are Men at Arms in generic Yorkist (blue and red) and blue and white colors. The latter being worn by several families, both York and Lancaster supporters.

On the gaming front, I’ve committed to host the First St Albans game at a game day next month at Fort Steilacoom. One of the local gamers is a member of the historical society there, and he hosts an annual gameday in one of the old officer’s quarters. Wishing you all the best!

P.S. I had to re-post this entry as the font was too small – and I couldn’t get it to update to a larger font. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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