Argentinian and Chilean Pre-dreadnoughts Finished

Argentinian and Chilean Pre-dreadnoughts Finished

Chilean Battleship and Protected Cruiser

Argentinian Protected Cruiser
Argentinian Armoured Cruisers 

Argentinian Squadron 

Chilean Squadron 

I’ve now completed my first project for the year, more or less, with the Argentinian squadron now finished alongside the Chilean squadron, which has a couple of new pre-dreadnought warships as well. I could add the ‚What If?‘ extras and some torpedo boat destroyers but this is all I need to try out some rules for a few games, so I’m calling it job done! I’m now thinking of changing focus and, instead of tackling the Royal Navy pre-dreadnought project, starting the Red Actions! 15mm AFSR army earlier than planned, just for a bit of something completely different.

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