Argentinian 'What If?' Battleship

Argentinian ‚What If?‘ Battleship


The two Libertad class coastal battleships I ordered from Tumbling Dice arrived today and they are tiny! This means that the Argentinian fleet will be at a potential disadvantage against the Chileans, despite having four powerful armoured cruisers, especially if I add in the two Swiftsure class battleships as a ‚What If?‘ twist in the South American naval arms race. 
To redress the balance, I’ve decided to add the two cancelled Garibaldi class armoured cruisers that the Argentinian sold to the Japanese, as well as finding a suitable model to represent the 15000-ton Italian battleship design study that the Argentine government commissioned with Ansaldo in 1901. 
I had thought of using a spare model of the Mikasa that I have in the bits box for this but, in the end, have gone for a Regina Elena class pre-dreadnought battleship with its 12“ main armament in single turrets fore and aft. This is close enough to be a good match and will look suitably impressive to put the wind up the Chileans! 
I’ve also ordered a couple of packs of Brazen class torpedo gunboat destroyers for the Argentinians to deploy as Corientes class boats, although how I’m going to base them is still up for debate. I may base them individually or as two flotilla groups, but it depends on the rules that eventually decide to use.

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