Armed Crew released in the 28mm Alternate Stars range

Armed Crew released in the 28mm Alternate Stars range

“Crew of space stations or bases or star ships seldom expect to see any action fighting.  After all that is the role of soldiers.  But times come with invaders or lab escapes or vicious bugs appear and crew have to take up arms.”

Alternate Stars 28mm generic sci-fi range expands for the last time this year with four new Humans.  Non military these are armed crew great for any game system and sees us reach nearly thirty different miniatures in the range HERE. Winter Mega Event new releases No2!

Winter Mega Event 2023 is on until 6th December.  20% off all orders auto at checkout plus free new miniature as well as 80 new codes and a hundred deals and offers.  See our BLOG for the entire event and all details.  Not to be missed!

AS024 Armed Crew twin pistols.  Multiple part metal miniature.

AS025 Armed Crew pistol and hand case.  Multiple part metal miniature.

AS026 Armed Crew pistol and case.  Multiple part metal miniature.

AS027 Armed Crew carbine and breather mask.  Multiple part metal miniature.

The friendly AS023 Info Bot which is free in all orders placed and shipped automatically until 17th November 2023 next to Armed Crew for scale.

Tabletop and Asgard 1980’s classic 28mm Science Fiction Range

Collected and restored back to the world is all we have gotten thus far onto the website with most not seen in many a year.  The mighty Szithk Warbirds (Male Winged with rider shown) as well as Robots, Froogs, Mrurz, Centalons, Thulgs plus the rarer Vroom Beasts and Glax.  All single miniatures.  See them HERE.

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