Arriba España!

Arriba España!

I was sorting through my leftover 1/600th Tumbling Dice bits from the Khalkhin Gol project when I realised that I had a stash of I-15 and I-16  fighters, some Fiat CR-32’s and a few other odds and sods that would make an excellent starting point for the Spanish Civil War. I remembered that one of the old TFL Specials had an article all about this, so I found it on the hard drive and had a closer look. A visit to the Tumbling Dice website later and I will have a Condor Legion starter pack on the way, together with some extras for the Republicans and Nationalists, all just over twenty quid or so. Its yet another project for some point in the next year or two but, as the models are quick and enjoyable to paint, it wouldn’t be difficult to get something up and running relatively easily…perhaps another Bag the Hun scenario article too? In the meantime, I’m going to make a start on those Hurricanes for the Battle of Britain over the weekend…Tally Ho!

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