ASFR Volunteer Infantry Division Army

ASFR Volunteer Infantry Division Army


I did some number crunching with the Pygmy Wars army lists to devise a White army for Red Actions! based on the Volunteer Infantry Division 1919-21 list.

One Battalions of three companies each of four bases (Conscript plus Officer)

Two machine gun bases.

Two field gun bases with limbers.*1

One squadron of four bases (Regular Cavalry)

One company of three bases (Officers)

One armoured car, tank or aircraft.*2

One squadron of four bases (Cossack cavalry)

One armoured train.

(*1 I rolled up a half battery of one gun but for flexibility I will paint up two)

(*2 I rolled up an aircraft but will paint up the other options as well)

This is a nicely balanced army with lots of interesting units and the potential to be expanded with colour infantry and additional cavalry, so a great place to start.

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