<div>Asgard 1980's Human Male and Female Scouts 15mm restored</div>

Asgard 1980’s Human Male and Female Scouts 15mm restored

It is my pleasure to announce the return of eight classic 15mm sci-fi miniatures by Asgard in the early 1980’s and to have them painted in new pictures by the talented Adam who goes by @wolfliche on Instagram.  Homed in the combined Laserburn and Asgard 15mm science fiction range it is a code of male scouts and a code of female scouts.

Unlike almost all of our own miniatures at Alterative Armies and indeed Laserburn and most of Asgard these miniatures are in ’strips‘ with their bases conjoined to be cast in metal in one piece and then snipped apart by the gamer.  Thus we are offering them as ‚one strip of four‘ and if you select five strips you will get a nice saving on page.

MSN50 Human Male Scouts (4)

MSN51 Human Female Scouts (4)

Characterful miniatures great for any system and they fit right in with HOF 15mm Science Fiction range and also The Ion Age 15mm range too.  Scouts, Adventurers, Travellers, Militia or even Civilians.  It is your choice on the tabletop.

Some pictures of the miniatures on the terrain of the painter.  You can see a GA4 Furback monster in one of the pictures too.

One of the first codes we restored for 15mm Asgard was DR7 Imperial Crab War Droid a very unique robot which is on special offer (60mm tall and 10 metal pieces).

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