Asgard FM Fantasy range 1980’s 7th Round all Releases

Asgard FM Fantasy range 1980’s 7th Round all Releases

October is now underway at Alternative Armies and while the 15mm scale Ruined Arch remains free in all orders (until 17th October) we now have the entire seventh round of remastered classics from the Asgard ‘Fantasy Monsters’ FM miniatures. Sculpted by legends such as Nick Bibby, Jez Goodwin, Tony Ackland, Stan Pochron, Steve Tricket among others. 

Here is the list of the returned to the world this time.  As you can see we are nearing the end of the FM code list and while we will be back filling some missing ones we are just about complete now with about eighty five codes restored across the last year or so.  Asgard lives once more!

FM60 Weasel

FM61 Lizardman

FM80 Centipede

FM82 Barbarian Hero

FM84V1 Dark Elf

FM86 Mounted Lord of Chaos (Pack or Rider, Horse as singles)

FM87V1 Archer of Chaos

FM88 Chaos Warhound

FM90V1 Chaos Doomguard

FM93 Northern Barbarian

FM95 Goatspawn

FM98 Centaur with Sword

All miniatures are supplied as singles and have new photography giving you a good look at them which of course was not possible when they first were released in the early 1980’s.

One of the most requested FM Range restorations was FM53 Balrog sculpted by Nick Bibby which is a superb metal monster.  At 85mm in height it works in 28mm and 15mm scales with ease. This was one of Asgard’s most popular monsters from this range and we can see why.

Thank you for your time and attention. 

GBS (Gavin Syme – Manager)

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