AT-AT, Shield generator and some gaming

Have been much Star Wars Legion lately… both I and my son David really like the game and he have been asking for a AT-AT… so for his 9-year birthday last week I got him a Revell Easy-kit 1:53 AT-AT and made a custom unit card so he could use it in our games. He built it by him self  and I helped him painting a bit. 
I have also made mu take on the „chewing gum“ Shield Generator 🙂

Below a bunch of pictures from my and Davids first outing of the AT-AT in a Star Wars Legion game. He fielded the AT-AT, a AT-ST, 2 units of Storm Troopers and a unit of „Snowtroopers“ and I had Luke Skywalker, 2 AT-RT with Las Cannon, an Airspeeder and 3 units of Rebell infantry.
The AT-AT worked quite balansed, need more games to know for sure, but we had a very fun and intense game that ended in a draw I suppouse as both the Empire and the Rebells claimed victory…

The rebells had just performed a sucessfull rain on the Empire base as the Empire reinforcements arrive…

We mesured all movement etc. from the right fot of the AT-AT 🙂

The AT-RT with Las cannon had a hard time damageing the hard hided AT-AT

With a light saber you can save the day…
Was really good to have a ground buzzer on the back of the Airspeeder taking pot-shotts at the Empire infantry while using the Laser Cannons hunt the big-games…

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