Australia’s famed bushrangers – The Kelly Gang

The original Kelly Gang

I painted my first gang for the wild west skirmish game Dead Man’s Hand. The Kelly gang was the number one gang I wanted to field. On the one hand because they are few in numbers, so I have to paint fewer miniatures. One the other hand they stand out on the gaming table between all these cowboy hat wearing guys.

The box comes with 5 miniatures

The Kelly gang was a group of australian bushrangers active from 1878 to 1880. They committed bank robbery and murder. They wanted justice for their families and the rural poor. To many locals they were heroes fighting against a corrupt and unjust system. In their famed last stand Ned Kelly and his gang faced a massive police force wearing self-made body armour.

All the miniatures wear these body armours. Tough I really don’t like metal colours I tried to paint them with nmm. All miniatures got different coat colour to bring in a bit of variety. To achieve a sinister look I didn’t use more vibrant colours.

All original gang members then got their name painted on the base. Since the original gang only consists of 4 men I leave the base blank on the 5th one. I already played one game of Dead Man’s Hand with the Kelly gang. They are much harder to play then other gangs since they are really slow having just 2 actions through their body armour rule. I think the best way to play them is to never get them separated from each other. If Ned Kelly is on the table they get even more durable since they pass every nerve test automatically.

However they were a lot of fun to paint and play. Great Escape Games created a really atmospheric gang for Dead Man’s Hand.



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