AW F&IW French and Giant British Drummers

AW F&IW French and Giant British Drummers

These are the last AW figures from the large (for me) order I made from Noble Knight last month. The infantry are left overs that along with a few extra figures from earlier units are painted up as Volontaires Étrangers with green facings and waistcoats. With 3 earlier painted infantry figures there are now 11 of them – just shy of the normal 12 for regular units in Rebels and Patriots. As there were a few desertions during the Louisbourg siege, mostly by Germans, this could account for the missing figure. The drummer with them actually belongs to the Marines – replacing one of the „extra“ figures stolen from the unit with repainted green facings. The mounted officer is painted up as a general officer and can represent Governor Drucour, who commanded the French during the Louisbourg siege.

Again, these figures are on the larger side of 28mm, and quite robust and sturdy for gaming. The mounted officer reminds me of Front Rank sculpting – if not even a bit larger overall.

The drummer figure doesn’t have the sleeve lacing sculpted so I just painted it on as it is normally depicted on the coat.

The picture above shows, left to right: AW French drummer; AW British drummer; Foundry British drummer; AW British drummer; Foundry British drummer. The picture quite clearly shows the gigantically proportioned British Grenadier dummers. When I ordered them, they were intended to be used the Foundry guys, but as you can see they are way too huge. What makes the sizing worse is that the British drummers were usually youths of smaller stature than the rest of the men in the unit (as the Foundry figures are). I plan to use the two giants as some sort of objective markers. Maybe allowing the French to capture them for victory points.

The rear view shot above doesn’t show a big difference in size between the AW British and French. As mentioned in a previous blog post, it’s interesting to see the size/sculpting-style differences within the same range of figures sometimes.

Next up will be adding flags to the French units that have bearers. Incidentally, I ended up scanning and resizing (smaller) the French Marine and Cambis Regiment Flags of War flags I ordered. Beautiful as they are, they are too big IMO. They towered over the already largish AW figures. From what I read online, the French flags at the time were approximately 5 feet square – more or less. The Flags of War ones would be about 6.5 or 7 feet when compared to the AW figues which I estimated should be somewhere below 6 foot tall as an average height. I also downloaded some images of flags for several other units.
Well, so much for now. Appreciate your visits and comments, and until next time – wishing you all the very best!

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