AW Miniatures F&IW Skirmishers

AW Miniatures F&IW Skirmishers

These are from a pack each of British Light Infantry, French Coureur Des Bois, and Rangers – all AW Miniatures. These were added to the order from Noble Knight awhile back when I ordered a bunch of their French Infantry.

The following pictures show them integrated with earlier painted Redoubt and Front Rank figures.

AW figs mixed in with Redoubt – the second rank of 60th Foot are all Redoubt.

Rangers mixed with Front Rank.

Coureur de bois mixed with Front Rank. Except for the AW figures being a little taller, they mix in well enough since the Front Rank figures have a lot of bulk to them.

Size comparison, left to right: 1. Redoubt, 2. AW, 3. AW, 4. Front Rank, 5. AW, 6. Front Rank. They all have pretty much the same bulky kind of sculpting – although some of the AW Light Inf legs looks a bit spindly. It’s interesting to see that even within the same make (AW), the sculpting style and size varies a bit. Overall Front Rank – at least these Rangers and Coureur de Bois – are shorter than the rest, but their overall bulkiness makes them fit in okay.

Next up are Woodland Indians mostly from Galloping Major and a few from AW. I’ve never painted Native Americans before so it’ll be an interesting project – within the larger F&IW project. Until next time, thanks again for checking out the blog, and hope you all are doing well.

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