Baccus Pony Wars Reinforcements

Baccus Pony Wars Reinforcements

One of the great advantages of the Baccus queuing system is the it allows you to clear the decks as you watch the ticker click down, Looking at Pete’s latest update I still have 300 orders in front of me before my latest consignment is shipped so that gives me the momentum to get some of the remaining bare metal painted.

Last weeks game was great fun, but like most gamers what it needs is that ‚one‘ extra unit.

In 6mm who can really tell what’s on a base? – Two groups of Wood Cutters/Civilian Contractors/Civilians/Dismounted Scouts together with a stand of horse holders. These are made up of the civilian and Boer packs from Baccus and will be a useful addition to support the cavalry or be rescued.

Nothing can stop the Pony Express or for Sharp Practice games a useful messenger from the Officer in Command.

Crow Scouts and their leader the Chief of Scouts. Useful for picking up trails and spotting the elusive Sioux, The Crow, Arikara & Shoshoni Scouts made up the largest contingents of Indians fighting for the US, dressed in a mix of US Uniform and native dress together with a red sash or arm band to help them be recognised from the ‚hostiles‘.

The Indian gain reinforcements in the shape of Smoke Signallers, these will extend the command range of the Indian Big Men and serve to warn the braves of the approaching US forces.

The smoke is detachable……
Not a bad output a few more odds and ends before the postman knocks.

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