Bag the Fascist

Bag the Fascist


A bit of a fundamental rethink for my Bag the Hun scenario writing project. After some deep thought, I’ve decided not to focus on Guadalcanal, as it’s been done to death, but to revert to a previous idea with the early war Russian Front as the theme. The working title for this is Bag the Fascist, although that may well change, but the theme remains the late  1941 – mid 1942 air battles over the Baltic, Leningrad and North Western Front. 

The problem will be finding enough historical details but in some ways that allows me more freedom to interpret and extrapolate from what can be found in the relevant Osprey titles, at least to start with. This will be a 1/300th project too, as a change from 1/600, which I might still use for the playtesting. I have a fair bit of metal stockpiled already, so the cost will be minimal, with time the critical factor if I’m going to get it all done?

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