Bag the Hun DIY Flight Stands

I have now run out of Raiden Miniatures flight stands for my 1/285th scale Bag the Hun projects, although a recent offer of some spare bases from a fellow club member will help me to keep my existing Battle of Britain, North Africa and NW Europe projects up and running. For any new projects including the Blue Swastika Rampant Winter and Continuation War set up, I will have to make my own flight stands and bases, both to save money and due to the fact that Raiden Miniatures will no longer be stocked in the UK by Magister Militum.
As a result, I’ve been experimenting again with laser cut mdf hexes, 40mm panel pins and 7mm dice frames, in an attempt to scale up the bases that I scratch built for my 1/600th scale Target Locked On! modern aircraft. This seemed to work out fine, although I will need to countersink the head of the panel pin in the base to stop the whole thing wobbling about too much. I did consider adding a washer to the bottom of the base to add some weight and to avoid the counter sinking hassle, but it didn’t look right when I mocked it up, so I may have to think of something else?
….back to the workbench!

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