Bag the Hun East Africa Update

Bag the Hun East Africa Update

I wonder if there are any holes in these scenarios?

I spent most of the day finishing the drafting of the last three scenarios for the Bag the Hun East Africa scenario project (I really need to find a more snappy title for this one?). The last two took longer than the others because they involve dive bombing and flak, which complicates things a bit and requires some additional thought, something my brain isn’t very good at after a long week at work. Anyway, it’s done now so I just need to type it all up in a basic format and shoot it off to Nick Skinner for a look see, before I start on the 1/600th scale models required for playtesting at the club and, for the basic scenarios that are easy to solo, on my weekly day off. The good news is that I won’t be going full-time for another month, so will still have at least one day a week to push little metal planes about on a big blue hex cloth, although I’m thinking of trying out hexless Bag the Hun on my nice and very underused desert mat?

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