Bag the Hun Manoeuvres Cheatsheet

I have been using a basic stapled photocopy of the manoeuvres section of the Bag the Hun rule book for my games but, in the interests of making this easier for the players to refer to and to simplify the options available, I have done a cut and paste job to create a two sided cheat sheet. I have blipped out some of the more obscure, rarely used or overly complex options like the Lufberry Circle or Thach Weave, leaving a selection of the most frequently used moves to choose from, with a roughly equal split between Easy, Tricky and Hard manoeuvres to keep some balance. The manoeuvre test tables and other useful stuff from the turn sequence will be put together onto a separate cheat sheet to keep things nice and tidy. I’m hoping this will speed up play and make it easier for those new to the system to navigate their way through the turns?

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