Bag the Hun Spanish Civil War Scenario Project

Bag the Hun Spanish Civil War Scenario Project

I’ve been gathering together the aircraft for a Bag the Hun Spanish Civil War scenario writing project for next year, with the Tumbling Dice 1/600th scale range being pretty comprehensive for the task. I’ve opted for the latter part of the conflict, so the Condor Legion can deploy early model Bf-109’s He-111’s and Do-17’s as well as He-51’s and Ju-52’s, while the Republicans can fly the I-15’s, I-16’s and SB2’s that I already have in the spares box. The Italians also get some nice kit including Cr-32’s, BR-20’s and SM-81’s, some of which I also already have hanging about in the lead pile. All I need now are some decals for the Condor Legion and I will be ready to kick off the project in 2022!

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