Bakewell Mixed Pairs DBA 2019 prizes donated by Alternative Armies

We were delighted to once again sponsor an event with the Bakewell club for DBA.  On Saturday 12th October twenty players faced off and as well as the honour of the win the top rankers also got a wee prize donated by Alternative Armies.  Read the full article with pictures and list of players and winners on the Derwentgamer Blog.  Our thanks to Simon Wilson.
Alternative Armies has several 15mm scale ranges suitable for historical wargaming using DBA and other game systems.  Ranging from the dark age period to napoleonics.  All offer great value and maximum choice as they are single figure purchase in any amount.
HOT59 Stone Wall and MRX1 Cannon plus MRX7 Early 16th Century Crew
Well done to all who took part and here to is many more events!

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