Bandai 1/48th Hetzer and Panzer II's

Bandai 1/48th Hetzer and Panzer II’s

Here’s the first round of kits donated to me by my buddy last month. I had wanted to start on the Sherman, but discovered it had two hull sprues but missing the turret. Need to ask my buddy if he has it as he said thought he had more kits stashed away somewhere. Anyway, getting a lot more comfortable using the airbrush. I have a process down now – using a jar of water to rinse out the paint cup between colors, and only doing a full cleaning when done.

The crewmen in the dunkelgrau Panzer and the Hetzer are from the Bandai kits; the DAK crewman is from a Perry metal set.

The DAK Panzer will be used in a Bolt Action game I’m hosting next month at Enfilade. I wanted another tank to assist in the assault by the Axis forces. The grey Panzer may be a reason to build an Early-War German force.

As with the previous Tiger kits, used an oil based wash for pin lining and detailing.

The exhausts still need some weathering.

Although old, these kits are still very nice and go together nicely.

On another note, I’m retiring at the end of this month. It’ll be my second retirement (retired from the Army in 2008), but won’t be able collect from the state until I turn 65 since I only have 15 years. My wife is a great comptroller so we should be good until then. Thanks again for checking out the blog – and I should be doing more gaming once retired, for good.

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