Barons War - Footsore Miniatures.

Barons War – Footsore Miniatures.

In a break from the Middle East a trip back to Ye Olde England for the first run through of the Baron’s War over at the Wyre Forest Club.

With the Kickstarter pledges likely to start flowing from Footsore miniatures in the next couple of weeks for their Outremer release the pressure is really on to get other stuff finished before these hit the paint table.

Paul over at movealongnownothingtoseehere  was hosting with his excellent set up. The Angle Saxons faced off against the Norman invader.

Despite early successes forcing the Normans back, the Norman Crossbows stripped the Saxon Leader of his body guard (they are rather nasty at close range). Before he was ridden down by the Norman Heavy cavalry, very unsporting. Although it felt realistic as I was standing in the middle of an open field and one Dane Axe was unlikely to stop five knights charging at the gallop.

The rules had a good feel to them the idea of forcing units to take with compulsory actions makes the use of commanders really key and rewards those that can pressure enemy troops early on.
The use of command order forces you to keep your commander close to the action to use their orders to command units into combat and other actions however these extra actions for troops makes them ‚weary‘ which can significantly impact their performance and put them at risk from fresher opponents.

I am still a little undecided on which rules to use for the Outremer project, I still have the hankering to turn the old Standard Games – Cry Havoc/Outremer to miniature but Baron’s War is that obvious step up from one on one to small units….

Plenty to ponder when the postman comes knocking…..

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