Battle of Akragas 406 BC – Command and Colors Ancients

Initial deployment from the Carthaginian side

Initial deployment from the Syracusan side

Syracusan light troops advance

Carthaginians probe the Syracusan right flank

Syracusan light cavalry attack Carthaginian chariots

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon for a game of Command and Colors Ancients. The scenario was the Battle of Akragas 406 BC with Syracusans versus Carthaginians. This proved to be a quick but quite close game with Syracusans, eventually emerging victorious in a five to four victory points result. Thanks to Rick for another fun game.

We are a running another participation game of Command and Colors Ancients at the Little Wars Canberra event on Sunday 12 November 2017 at the Vikings Club in Lanyon. Our game will be the Battle of Cannae 216 BC. So if you feel like being Hannibal come along and check it out. The scenario and rules can be found on the GMT Games‘ Command and Colors site.

There was no Little Wars in Melbourne or Adelaide this year so please support the Canberra event. Entry is by gold coin donation with all profits going to charity. There will be a wide range of eleven participation games and quite a few traders as well. It is always a fun and entertaining day out! Updated information on the event and games will be available soon on the Little Wars website.

Carthaginians play a line command card

Syracusans attack on their right flank
Syracusans retreat in the centre and on their left flank
Carthaginians‘ final unit is destroyed

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