Battle of Chipana Photo Report

Battle of Chipana Photo Report

I played the Battle of Chipana scenario with Dahlgren and Columbiad this evening, having had to squeeze it into a twilight hour due to a having other things in the way during the day. It was a very enjoyable game and ticked along quite smoothly, although I did have to do some head scratching again when it came to ramming. The end result was a decisive victory for the Peruvians, who managed to immobilise the Magallanes early in the game then hammered her to match wood in a well co-ordinated pincer movement. 

I experimented with centimetres for movement, as I was using 1/2400th scale models, but keeping inches for gunfire and I think it worked very well. I’m going to follow this approach for future games as it did ‚feel right‘ in terms of visual effect and produced a realistic outcome judging by the end results. I’ll do a proper after action report tomorrow if I can but here are some photos of the skirmish in the meantime. 

(once again, apologies for the poor photos as I am still stuck with a phone rather than a proper camera)

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