Battle of Crimissos River 341 BC – Command and Colors Ancients

Carthaginians deployed on both sides of the Crimissos River
View from the Syracusan lines
Carthaginian Four Horse Chariot
Carthaginian Sacred Band, Libyan Spearmen and Javelinmen
Syracusans attack the Sacred Band

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon, for a Command and Colors Ancients game, playing the scenario for the Battle of Crimissos River 341 BC. The scenario begins as the Carthaginians are caught in disarray crossing the Crimissos River by the smaller Syracusan and Greek mercenary force. In our game, luckily for the Carthaginians, a double time card was played, which enabled, most of the Carthaginian infantry to reach the river in the first turn.

The Syracusans didn’t have much luck in this game and an attack on the Sacred Band destroyed a Hoplite unit and forced a Peltast unit to retreat. However the Syracusans were able to fight back and managed to destroy both the Sacred Band and a Carthaginian Heavy Chariot unit. Casualties mounted in the centre and eventually most of the Syracusan Hoplites were destroyed and, Timoleon, their general was killed. A desperate final charge by the Syracusan Greek cavalry nearly finished of the remaining Carthaginian Spearmen unit. Thanks to some lucky dice and cards the Carthaginians won fairly easily with 5 to 2 victory banners. Thanks to Rick for another fun game.

Sacred Band destroy Hoplites and force Peltasts to retreat
Side view of the table
The battle is decided in the centre
Syracusan Hoplites are destroyed and Timoleon killed
Celt Warriors attack the Syracusan right flank

Syracusan Greek cavalry try a desperate final charge

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