Battle of Mahiwa (1917 East Africa) - Bolt Action

Battle of Mahiwa (1917 East Africa) – Bolt Action

This was a fine Bolt Action game run by my buddy at his place with all of his figures and terrain. The scenario was based upon the Battle of Mahiwa in 1917 during the East African Campaign. I ran the Germans and African troops led by General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck. My buddy ran the Commonwealth South African and Nigerian troops under General Jacob van Deventer (interestingly a Von and a Van against each other).

Start of the game with proper refreshments to instill valor and vigor.

My German/Askari troops occupying the village – this was a victory condition. They held it until the end of the 6 turn game. The smaller building was initially held by the South African cavalry after dismounting, but soon dislodge by the Askari forces after charging into hand to hand combat.

View from atop one of the village dwellings overlooking the South African armored car.

An Askari squad advacing into the rough – with local wildlife looking on.

Some of the native special trooops with the South African force. They were never able to get into close combat.

View of the German center and left at the start of the battle

The South African armored car being assualted by German infantry.

South African cavalry moving up to the village prior to dismounting – having already acquired pins from Askari rifle fire.

Askari and German troops having moved into and occupying the village early on.

An Askari squad decimated by Nigerian rifle fire – local wildlife looking on to the human carnage.

The game was called a victory for the German forces as they held all three village structures. The Commonwealth failed to dislodge them after multiple attempts of assaults and ranged fire by both rifles and artillery. A nice game that was quite enjoyable and looking forward to more of the same. Best wishes to you and thanks for stopping by. 

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