Battlefield in a Box Oil Tanks – The weekend challenge.

Having set myself the challenge last weekend to finish the Russian buildings in time for Sunday’s game, I managed to get off to a pretty good start, much of the prep has been done over the evenings this week, with filler and sand covering done, which should give me most of today to get the main block painting done on the buildings, leaving tomorrow free for the detail, washes and flocking.

There were a couple of quick wins to be had very early this morning which is The Battlefield in a Box accessories for Team Yankee in the shape of the Oil Storage Tanks.
They are pretty good straight out of the box, but I wanted mine to blend in with the existing terrain so set about basing them up.

On face value there is very little detail on the them when you unbox them, but by adding them to the base a quick wash here and there and a low wall to highlight the true scale they make for quite an imposing piece on the table top.

They need a little extra flocking and the odd bit of battlefield clutter but should be battlefield ready by sunday night.
Great start to a busy day.

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