Beach boards part 14, and a bank holiday.

All dry/overbrushed and ready for more grass.

Today’s a bank holiday. I had, given the chaos of the last couple of weeks, completely forgotten this until last Friday, when the Ukrainian QA lead at work wished us a good long weekend… At least she’s on the ball!

I spent a fair amount of it sorting through paperwork for my old D&D campaign (man, THAT was a nostalgia trip!) but also got the cream dry/overbrush done on the remaining beach boards, so they’re ready for a mammoth bout of re-grassing (yes, again) along with the rest of the Omaha boards this week, in time for Posh Lard. Fortunately the War Worlds Scenics layering spray makes this very easy. I hope to do a test board later in the week and video the process, now I can.

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