Being Taken Out to the Wood Pile!

An easy terrain project that I banged together in an afternoon. I thought some wood piles appropriate for my medieval village. Probably lots of very large wood piles would be appropriate to be honest.

So here are the materials:

Some twigs from pruning in the yard, some clippers, some fast drying hobby glue, a couple of wooden craft shapes and some axes from the bits box.

Chop up twigs into appropriate lengths (to fit the base), then glue them into a pile. Simples, right?

At the narrow end I put a stump. The shape of the base drove the design. Plus I can’t think of another use for the teardrop shapes otherwise.

When the glue is dry paint and flock the base.

Then paint the axes (This took the longest to be honest) and glue them into the chopping blocks.


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