Black Hussar Minis Napoleonic British Surgeons

Yet another vignette with several more Black Hussar (née Westphalia) minis, as well a Victrix artilleryman and limber.

I’m not quite sure who the guy with the caduceus staff is supposed to be, so just painted him up with a blue smock and what I think is a leather vest.

The shako, backpack and musket are Perry and Victrix plastic spare parts.

The saw blade has a very nicely sculpted serrated edge. The guy holding it wears some cool looking glasses – giving him a sort of Steampunk look.

There are two more limbers from the Victrix artillery set which might be used in other vignettes.

As mentioned in the previous post, the 3mm thick plywood oval base is sold by Hobby Lobby – a pack of 8 for about $2.00.

Thank you very much for stopping by and best wishes to you all. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention it, but just ordered a copy of Black Powder 2nd Edition this morning.

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