Blogger Blogger Blogger!!!

Blogger Blogger Blogger!!!

Its not been a good weekend in Casa Rousell this past weekend. My back’s bloody killing me and the mighty Leeds United failed miserably to get promoted!!! Poxy football, why do I pit myself through this stress??

On the plus I bought a new mobile phone a Samsung Galaxy SE 23, all good I hear you say??

No No No!

For some stupid reason I cannot log onto blogger on my mobile, I’ve tried all the usual things, but can’t seem to get the bloody thing to work.

So I’m hoping one of you fine fellows will know how to fix this problem and no I don’t mean Leeds need someone who can actually take a shot on goal from time to time either!

The problem starts after clicking the Blogger App.

Here you can see, I’m not logged in, I click the link to sign in and get taken below.

Great I think? I can write a post, change anything on my layout, BUT I’m still not logged in so cannot comment on my or any others blogs?

See I’m not singed in?
I’ve  allowed All third Party cookies (which is usually the problem) but I still won’t let me log in?
Any ideas??

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