Blotz on the Landscape

I’ve spent a few hours gluing together the Blotz and Red Vectors desert buildings for the Sandbox Skirmish project yesterday and today. I have a few more of the larger compound style buildings to assemble and another one of the Red Vectors market square two storey buildings to add to this lot, but it’s definitely going to look like a built up area by the time I’m finished. Of course, the individual buildings can also be used on their own or in a small group for villages in rural locations, which is handy as that’s where I plan to do most of the patrol scenarios.

I also have a really nice multi-storey building from Brit Kits but that’s made from 3mm mdf and is far more substantial, so I’m thinking of making it into a fortified structure of some sort, perhaps a Forward Operating Base or police station. I need to texture and fill the various lugs and holes that are all over the walls of these buildings, probably using acrylic paste or a PVA and filler mix, then I can paint them up, add the doors and roof hatches, then do a bit of detailing to finish them off. 

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