Bocage 28mm terrain

Bocage 28mm terrain

 I don’t like doing it, I’m not particularly good at it but I’m buggered if I’ll pay the prices that I see on line for it. Terrain, don’t get me wrong, I have bought houses and trees cause I simply couldn’t even begin to get how to make them. I have the utmost respect for you guys and gals out there who can do it but it’s just not my bag. I paint figures and love it, I wargame with those figures when I fancy it and when I can fit it into my well overcrowded life but making terrain is a pain!

That said I need 28mm bocage sections for my Vendee collection but when I looked at other bocage people had for sale it just didn’t seem to cut the mustard for what I was looking for. Like most of us I have a tendency to accumulate all manor of what my wife would consider ‚crap‘ that I think may come in useful for future wargame projects but it has to be said that in my case enough is enough. I open storage boxes full of gear that simply will never see the light of day. However needing bocage, and having the materials at hand during the clear out I decided to bite the bullet and actually make something.

Materials: Sculptamold modelling compound, brilliant stuff I have to say. Neal my mate opened my eyes to this stuff, it’s a dry mush plaster mix that you add water to whatever quantity you require and bodge it onto what you are making. leave it rough or smooth it out to get a finished surface and leave to dry.

2mm foam board.

Clump foliage, any flock grit that blends in with your existing terrain/baseboard spare trees if you have them and of course PVA glue.

This picture is with the Sculptamold covering the foam board.

Base painted, trees and clump foliage added.

Finally the finished section with the flock added and a little carefully sprinkled over the clump foliage to break it up a little.

Picture quality isn’t great I’m afraid but you get the gist. Patience is the key with these things, you simply must let each thing your doing dry thoroughly before moving onto the next task. Put the trees in and let them dry overnight, stick the clump foliage on and let it dry overnight, you can’t rush it. Finally use watered down PVA spray after each task, it binds everything in place.

Up to this point I have done six sections so as you may imagine it’s a work in progress. No I did not particularly enjoy the process but the end product will be worth it I’m sure.


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