Bolt Action Tank War Game

Thanks to my buddies showing up today, despite the slim chance of snow, managed to play out a Bolt Action Tank War game. We used the the Bastogne scenario which had a crossroads in the center of the table being the objective. The victory condition having a unit within 3 inches of the center of the crossroads at the end of Turn 6 – and also no enemy units within 3 inches of the same. The victory went to the Germans, as the Americans were overly cautious and failed to move towards the objective in time. I was only able to take a few pictures as I was preoccupied being one of the American players.

Above – the one Panzer IV the Americans were able to take out early in the game. The Germans had one Panther and two Panzer IV’s, as well as an Sd.Kfz 251 halftrack. They also had several Fallshirmjager squads and one each Waffen SS and Panzergrenadier squads – and several tank hunter teams as well. The Americans had three Shermans, one M-10 TD, an M5 Stuart, an M20 Scout Car and a couple of M5 halftracks. For infantry, a couple of 4th AD squads and several 101st squads – all with bazooka teams.

The P-51 failed to make a successful attack on the Germans – but did strafe a Sherman by an inexperienced pilot.

The M20 Scout Car burns after being taken out by the Panther. US infantry taking cover in a wooded area.

 A squad of 101st in heavy cover. They failed to move up close enough to use their bazooka team. Meanwhile a Sherman burns, having been taken out by a Panzer IV.

The surviving Panzer IV moving up to hold the German’s left flank. A tank hunter team with Panzerschreck taking cover behind it.

 A Fallshirmjager squad occupying a the ruins of a building near the center of the town.

 The P-51 piloted by Wrongway Feldman about to strafe a friendly Sherman.

The view towards the center of the town early in the game – before the Panzer IV was taken out.

All in all, it was another nice Bolt Action game which allowed us to get more familiar with the rules for armor and aircraft. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all happy painting and good gaming.

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