Bookings open for wargames Holidays for 2024

Bookings open for wargames Holidays for 2024

 Wargames Holiday France 2024

We are taking bookings for 2024, contact us through the website here to have a fabulous 3 to 5 night holiday in Western France.
Plenty of options for tours, battlefields, cultural events and wargaming France through history. 
Accommodation in a former Counts townhouse circa 1790, with fully paneled rooms in the Carolingian city of Mayenne in Western France. 
Next year we are also conducting five Wargame long weekends with limited numbers of 6 gamers, 4 day, 5 night events. These events will include lead up planning and a photographic and scenario book of the event see the website for full details and costings. 
  • Cold War April – Whisky on the Rocks includes day tour to Saumur tank museum, two days wargaming, formal silver service dinner.  
  • Ww2 June – DDay event includes day tour to DDay event, two days wargaming, formal silver service dinner
  • Napoleonic July – event includes a day tour to the largest Napoleonic reenactment in west France, and a visit to a Vendee battlefield at Entrammes. Plus wargaming Napoleonic and Vendee rebellion. Formal silver service dinner.
  •  Ww2 August – Pattons breakout, includes Ww2 Mayenne liberty festival, and tour of southern flank of the Falaise pocket, plus two days wargaming. Formal silver service dinner.
  • Medieval September – day visit to the French jousting championship, plus battlefield and chateau visit, plus two days gaming. Formal silver service dinner. 
We will also continue to offer regular 3-5 night wargaming holidays from April to October for singles and couples with fully guided tours of the regions of the Loire, Brittany and Normandy. These can be one on one holiday or small group (3 couples). 
 Wargaming the 60 regional battlefields and defensive works from the Caesarean invasion, the Goths, Franks, Bretons, Vikings, medieval Norman, Plantagenet dynastic struggles, the 100 years war, the Breton wars of succession and mad war, the wars of religion, the revolution in the Vendee and Chouanerie, the Franco Prussian Wars last battle and ww2. 
Hope to see some of you next year. 

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