BR1507 Pendulum Scout Car 15mm release from Bradley Miniatures

BR1507 Pendulum Scout Car 15mm release from Bradley Miniatures

The Pendulum provides a limited battlefield role in fire support but it is in scouting and in exo environments that it comes into its own by far. Sealed for air and for toxins the crew of three can extend communications as well as military aide.

Now added to the Bradley Miniatures 15mm Science Fiction range new Pendulum Scout Car. Joining Tanks, Towed Artillery and more.  A new pack which contains one kit in high quality resin with all parts required for one vehicle  Supplied is the main hull, six wheels, three different turret pods (Comms Dish, Gun Pod and Missile Box Pod) for your choice of load out. Assembly is required of low complexity.  When assembled this vehicle is 60mm long, 50mm wide and about 25mm tall.

A useful wheeled vehicle for operating on the moon or low gravity worlds as well as in typical recon runs.

See our BLOG for a Tank Showcase of four different air brush paint schemes on Bradley’s Lionheart and Stormheart main battle tanks.  Click through to get big pictures.

While this range does not as yet include infantry its vehicles are ideally suited to pairing with Security Force Alpha our generic Human future force in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range.  As well as more than a dozen vehicles and a half dozen mecha (100mm or taller see above) the ‚SFA‘ also have battlesuits, weapon platforms, bikes and drop pods to go with more than one hundred poses of trooper.

Until 8th May 2023 our Spring Mega Event is on at Alternative Armies.  See our BLOG for full details or visit the WEBSITE and have a browse.  20% off all orders automatically (no code needed) at checkout, 20 new releases, 100 deals and offers and the free any scale model in every package shipped.  Superb!

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