BR1508 Drop Pod 15mm released by Bradley Miniatures plus USEME rules and scenario

BR1508 Drop Pod 15mm released by Bradley Miniatures plus USEME rules and scenario

The excellent small collection of tanks, armoured cars, towed artillery and scout car from Bradley Miniatures in 15mm scale expands with its eighth release. A highly detailed and armed Drop Pod kit. 
The Express Descent into Hell! Carrying two fire-teams of troops right into the heart of the action the Drop Pod always surprises the enemy. 

BR1508 Drop Pod: This pack contains one 15mm scale kit in high quality resin and metal for the assembly of one Drop Pod. Supplied is the pod itself (one piece resin) and four sets of doors (metal) for your choice of having it buttoned up or deployed plus four sets of (metal) aileron fins which can be placed up and stowed or out for breaking. Assembly is of low complexity. When built this model is 65mm Tall, 45mm Wide when buttoned up. Shown on a 59027 75mm Round Base (not supplied). 
Winter Mega Event 2023 is on until 6th December. 20% off all orders auto at checkout plus free new miniature as well as 80 new codes and a hundred deals and offers. See our BLOG for the entire event and all details. Not to be missed! 
Security Force Alpha can be seen here in the midst of deployment. Part of the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range the ‘SFA’ is a generic Human near future force of infantry, vehicles, battlesuits, mecha and much more. You can see HOF112 SFA Troopers, HOF113 SFA Support Trooper, HOF28C Charger (Tracked APC) and medium sized (70mm) HOF165 Haymaker GNATS mecha. We have five large GNATS Mecha models two medium and three large class ones. 
If you are looking for skirmishing forces then we have a number of Value Packs with a saving and each contains no duplicate poses. Above is HOFP07 Security Force Alpha Platoon (31 different metal miniatures). You can see all of them on our Deals and Offers page for Cultists, Zidhe Space Elves, Post Apoc Warriors, Automata Robots, Octopods, Rim Mercs and Grey Aliens. 
Dropped from Orbit USEME Rules and Scenario 
A two page free article hosted on our server which gives you bolt on mechanics for USEME (UM001 Science Fiction and UM004 Modern Warfare) to add Drop Pods and Drop Coffins into your games. Bringing them onto the table, the chance of missing the landing, optional rules and death drops. Then a one page scenario called ‚Steel Grapes of Wrath‘ which sees Security Force Alpha dropping in on Joad Tommo and the Tenants Revenge cult. Express Elevators from Hell going down! Click HERE to download. We also have a huge array of free downloads for all our game systems which you can browse and take from on our website see the FREE DOWNLOADS page. 
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