Brigade Games F&IW French Marines, Militia, And British Rangers

Brigade Games F&IW French Marines, Militia, And British Rangers

Painted the remaining figures from the Brigade Games order a while back. Just a few F&IW figures – 6 each of French Marines and Militia, and British/American Rangers. Although these are very nice sculpts, similar in size and style of Perrys, they don’t match the majority of the rest of my F&IW figures. Specifically the Foundry, Redoubt, and Front Rank figures already in the range are much larger and more robust – particularly suited for skirmish gaming and handling individual figures. I’ll see if my buddy who bought the other Brigade Games figures may be interested in them.

Painted in my usual method of block painted, followed by Minwax staining, and finally a few highlights.

Here’s a comparison shot of the size/style differences – left to right: Brigade Games, Front Rank, Brigade Games, Redoubt, Brigade Games, Front Rank. They probably would be fine in separate units on the table in a pinch.

I actually got back the F&IW figures I had sold to a buddy several years ago – he saw my post about the Brigade Games figures I painted and offered to sell the figures back as he saw I was back into the period. I ended up trading trading the AWI figures I had painted a couple of years ago since he has a keen interest in the period. I finally added red overstripes to the kilts of these Redoubt Highland Grenadiers.

The Warlord Games Highlanders match up pretty well with the Redoubt and the rest of the larger figures.

In addition to a Redoubt order of F&IW figures, I’m also waiting on an ebay order of AW French Infantry. Supposedly these are also on the larger side of 28mm. Thanks again for stopping by and wishing you all the best.

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