Caesar Miniatures - 1/72 Modern US Infantry

Caesar Miniatures – 1/72 Modern US Infantry

In the box of goodies I found two of the excellent Caesar Miniatures sets of modern US figures (see below, Iraq and Afghanistan are covered here): 

The sculpting is of an incredibly high standard (see below, certainly for one like me who was used to a variable Airfix standard as a child [of the late seventies and eighties] – the semi rigid plastic is very forgiving): 

For a more European (ETO) feel a similar set of figures and poses was found in this set (see below, excellent sculpts):  

Basing started, PVA and grit to follow, then prime. I think I will skip the PVA coat and rely on generous varnishing to hold the figures rigid (see below, a nice little platoon): 

They should mix well with the old, but still good, Italeri [old ESCI] US Modern set I have partially painted!

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